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What is an anti-cult movement?

Advocates of the idea of an anti-cult movement usually conceptualize it as a collection of individuals and groups, some of them formally organized, who oppose new religious movements (or “cults”). This countermovement has allegedly recruited from family members of “cultists”, “apostates” (former cult members), church groups (including groups from Jewish religious organizations),[5] and associations of health professionals.[6] Although a trend exists towards globalization of the movement,[7] the social and organizational bases of the ACM vary significantly according to the social and political opportunity structures across countries.[8]

As with many concepts in the social sciences, exact definitions of the movement vary, and a significant minority opinion suggests that analysis should treat a (secular) anti-cult movement separately from religious (mainly Christian) counter-cult responses.[9][10]

The anti-cult movement might be divided into four classes:

secular counter-cult groups;
Christian evangelical counter-cult groups;
groups formed to counter a specific cult;
organizations that offer some forms of exit counseling.[11]
As typically occurs in social and religious movements, no unified ideology exists.[citation needed] [12] But most if not all groups expressing opposition to cults and to new religious movements posit potentially deleterious effects of some or all New Religious Movements.[13]

Source: Wikipedia